Hatha Yoga is the most classic style of yoga in the West that combines the execution of asanas with moments of relaxation. It provides flexibility and physical and mental strength at the same time as it stresses away.

Our teaching method is based on the perfect knowledge of each posture and its sequence. In addition to the numerous adaptations to be able to adapt to the level and the practice of each student.

If you have already practiced Yoga or have not tried it yet, come to know us and try our way of teaching Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, a practice and a way to achieve greater wellbeing and conscincia.

Ashtanga Yoga is a science and practice that has evolved for thousands of years and, like any type of authentic yoga, seeks to achieve a state of greater awareness, wellbeing, calm and connection with oneself and the world in which we live. The term Ashtanga, which means “eight branches”, indicates that there are 8 phases to reach that state, and one of them, asana, is why we started in the west, hoping that, as we reach depth in this step, we will gradually begin to develop in the others. Asanas is what is commonly known as “doing yoga”, and consists in the realization of postures that must be coordinated with a calm and controlled breathing.

The feature that truly distinguishes Ashtanga Yoga from other variants currently practiced is its unique movement and breathing system, called Vinyasa.

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