Ayurveda Massage

If you want to receive an Ayurveda massage with essential oils, that will improve the functioning of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, revitalize your body, hydrate and clean the skin, preventing its ageing, relieve your stress and propitiate the generation of positive emotions, consult us.

The massage in the Ayurveda

Ayurveda means “The Science of Life” and as a system of traditional medicine and Integrates various types of treatments that serve to encourage the Balance of mind, body and spirit from the energy of each person. Ayurveda, which particularly affects the importance of food and It tells us what foods can be positive for our health depending on Our Constitution and what foods, on the contrary, can result Unbalanced and detrimental to her, integrates among her methods of Healing and, above all, prevention, meditation, the practice of Yoga, the Use of plants, spices and natural products and also of the so-called Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurveda Considered that the body is pierced by the prana, a kind of murmur That can affect, among other factors, stress or bad Eating habits. Affected prana, the body can react with a Series of dysfunctions such as headaches or muscle aches, problems Digestive, general malaise, etc.

For To restore the circulation of prana, Ayurveda recommends the use of massage Ayurvedic, that is to say, the use of a series of pressure techniques and other Movements on certain points of the body for, thanks to them, Balance and restore the vital murmur.

Integrated In our vital routines, Ayurvedic massage improves the performance of Our circulatory and lymphatic systems, revitalizes our body, relieves Our stress and propitiates the generation of positive emotions. In addition, being Made with essential oils, it serves to nourish and clean the skin, Preventing aging and leaving it smooth and smooth.

The Ayurvedic massage includes various types of massages. They can all serve As treatments aimed at relieving pains, but the main mission of All of them are a fundamentally preventive mission.

See Below are the modalities we offer:

  • Abhyanga

Between Ayurvedic massages, this is probably the most widespread and used. So to speak, this is the traditional massage of India. Made Throughout the body and with essential oils, the Abhyanga massage rubs the and separates them so that you can remove any blockages that might exist, which serves to alleviate muscular fatigue, eliminate toxins, Relieve stress, improve circulation and rest and soften and lubricate The skin.

  • Shiro Abhyanga or Champi Massage

This Type of massage focuses on the head. This ayurvedic cranial massage serves To refresh the mind, improve our brain functioning and alleviate the Stress.

When It is done in the morning, the Champi massage is used to activate gently Our nervous system. When practiced at night, to promote a Quiet sleep. Shiro Abhyanga massage is an ideal massage to prevent Insomnia.

The Use of the appropriate massage oil will also serve to nourish, lubricate and strengthen The roots, prevent hair loss and retard the appearance of gray.

  • Chavitti

The Chavitti is, surely, the most peculiar of all Ayurvedic massages. Originally from the Kerala area, the Chavitti massage is a massage that is performed With your feet.

The Chavitti also serves to improve muscle tone. By improving the tone Muscle, what we’re doing is preventing strains, kinks, Sprains, injuries and all kinds of muscle aches. For all of this, it is a Modality of massage very valued by the athletes.