Rocket Yoga Workshop

11-12-13 October

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Welcome to “The Rocket“. Friday, October 11, 2019 (18:00)

Workshop on Relationship between Tristhana and Suryanamaskara; “Yes, you are capable”

In this workshop we will talk about the basics for developing greetings to the sun in a more controlled, full and explosive way where from the relationship between Pr.n.y.a. Bandhas and Drishtis we will take you to fully develop the basics of preparation for any practice related to Vinyasa Yoga.

We will have fun understanding how our body can be prepared efficiently from the warm-up where the “Sun Greetings” will be our ruler and we will travel from the surface to the depths of the famous “Surya Namasakara A And B”

2 hours of Rock and Roll!

*Workshop inclu
des: – Pranayama’s
Sessions – Wa
rm-up – Individual and Couple E
xercises – Surya
Namaskara A – Q&A

“I wanna Rocket With You”. Saturday 12 October 2019 (10:00)

Inverted Workshop / Arm Balnce; “if you fall, we support you”

All right to fly without fear!!!

This is a workshop for all those who want to learn to find their balance point, for those who wish to raise their body on their hands to change perspectives, to stimulate the nervous system and thus have more security in you.

We will teach how to fall and how to build the Inverted from the foundations. We are promoting safe practices, motivating our entire community to join our silent revolution.

What will you le
arn?! Sirsasana, Tripod Posture, Bakasana and m
ore!!! We will work with and without the wall to strengthen arms and abs, in small groups so you can learn through observation and have fun in the best style we have found sharing knowledge!!!

2 Hours “for take-off”

*The workshop inc
ludes: – Power Pranayama’s
Study – Heatin
g – Fall Techniques
– Individual and Couple Exercises to Strengthen the Body – B
alance on Hands: Pincha Mayurasana; Baby Bakasana; Bakasana; Posture of the tripod; sirsasana; Handstand
*Questions and Answers

“Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings” P.P. Saturday 12 October (17:00).

Workshop on Flexibility and Mobility

This special class is aimed at thoroughly researching our concepts on what our physical limitations are and how to create mechanisms to gradually overcome them, amuse you, without offending and healing concurrent injuries. We will work individually so that we can resolve our weaknesses in a timely manner, we want to observe, feel and transform our pract
ice. This Workshop is special for those people who work the Vinyasa Yoga System where from breathing the movement of both internal and external body is created both internal ly and external.

2 Hours to explore: “You can make your body and mind more flexible (please be kind to you yourself)”

*The workshop incl
udes – Pranayama Session.
– Group warming.
– Individual exercises for exploring our boundaries with the wall, exercises on the floor and with blocks.
– Pelvic and scapular waist flexibility.
– Q&A.

“The BBK’ Rocket® 3”. Sunday 13 October 2019 (10:00)

By merging the two rocket sequences is created this explosive and fun practice that, through breathing and movement in shorter times, visits all the postures of the two main sequences of “The Rocket”.

“Rocket® 1”: let’s Rocket!
!! A sequence that is based on the First Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga but is combined with intermediate series poses and where the famous Mulha Bandha of Rocket Yoga is added. All this to create a meditative, fun and challenging practice building a solid foundation for practitioners.

“The Rocket® 2”: “Ready for The Take Off
” A sequence that is inspired by the Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga Intermediate Series but includes poses from the Third Series. It is a series that works the opening of chest, shoulders and waist including fun and challenging transitions.


Complete workshop: 90 Euros Loose workshops :30 Euros The workshops are of small groups maximum 10people.

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