Yoga Benefits

If you practice any Sport, Yoga is your perfect complement. Will allow you to maintain a tone Muscle, while it disproportions the effort in all the muscles of the Body, preventing injuries and providing a repairing flexibility. The Yoga develops capacities such as endurance, power, breathing and The balance. Away from any notion of competition, yoga can be a Ally of exception for the practice of other sports. Yoga allows Develop qualities such as flexibility and resilience both physically and With no risk of injury or fatigue. The regular practice of yoga Also It has very beneficial effects on the digestive system and Cardiovascular.

If you don’t do sport But you want to take care of your body it’s time to start Yoga.

In addition to helping Stress, yoga leads us to live in harmony with positive thinking, and It allows to acquire a great confidence in oneself. This will help us to manage Better emotions.

The exercises of Breathing or pranayama and the sense of relaxation that the practice produces Together with the activity at maximum concentration, they make you feel one more Strong on the physical and psychological level.

  • Yoga and stress

To fight the Stress and its effects there are few means, but yoga is the anti-stress activity par excellence. The asanas, respiration, concentration, all contribute to Fight against stress. If it is also practiced in a “Zen” environment, pleasant And serene, as your Inuksuk Yoga center, the anti-stress effects are Easily verifiable.

Yoga apart from Help fight stress, leads us to live in harmony with the Positive thinking, and allows you to gain a great deal of self-confidence, That allows you to better manage your emotions. Thanks to the exercises of Breathing, thanks to the relaxation that the practice produces and to the practice in Maximum concentration one feels stronger on the psychological level.

  • Yoga and Heart

The regular practice of Yoga has very beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. With The essential greeting to the Sun (Surya Namaskara) that stimulates the circulation As well as with inverted postures (Sarvangasana or Sirsasana) that They favour the circulation of return, each and every one of the asanas, accompanied With breathing, they contribute to improve our cardiovascular system (always accompanied by a balanced diet!)

  • Yoga and Body

Many think that the Yoga is just a meditation technique and it is not a real physical activity. They’re wrong. Yoga acts on the musculature, working the muscles in Depth and harmony. We work the deep muscles estirándolos Providing greater flexibility and muscle tone. The body is stylized and Improves posture. The whole skeleton benefits from these improvements, not forgetting The spine. Yoga favors sleep, and also a body more Rested and toned is more resistant to external aggressions.

  • Yoga and Sports

Yoga develops Capacities such as endurance, potency, respiration and balance. Away from any notion of competition, yoga can be an ally of Exception for the practice of other sports because it allows to develop Qualities such as flexibility and resistance without risk of injury or Fatigue.

Flexibility, even Practicing a sport that apparently does not require it, allows to realize Wider and faster movements. Concentration favors speed of reflexes and body control. In addition to keeping the stress away from the days of competition.

Cramps Contractures, stiffness, are often the consequences of a session of Sport.

Many times they are not the Evidence that much work has been done but are the consequences of a Little body-friendly training. With yoga we rebalance from The axis of the spine, using the deep muscles and aligning the joints To protect them, working harmoniously throughout the body. Is A more conscious way of life