Shala Yoga Benalmadena

A place of refuge and disconnection from day to day. Where you can connect with yourself and the joy of living. A space where magic is given, from the hand of a team that will accompany you at all times and step by step in everything that yoga has kept for you, from personalized attention and in search of a conscious evolution.

When you look after yourself, you fee
l good when you feel good, smile and
if you smile, life smile you take car
e of yourself, practice yoga!

We want yoga to be accessible and beneficial for everyone. For this we integrate this millenary oriental tradition with the lifestyle Contemporary, adapting the practice to the needs of the students. We pay special attention to the Breathing and body alignment, always from the flow of our Practice in the asanas. Practiced regularly yoga is a Wonderful source of well-being

4 thoughts on “Shala Yoga Benalmadena”

  1. Hello, I would like to come to a yoga class, is that possible?
    I have been into yoga for more than 10 years, I live in Torrequebrada and looking for a studio.

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